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It is believed that the page flip software bring many conveniences to our life and work. The most two obvious conveniences are saving time and money. Thus, would you really know how to pick out one that suitable to you? It seems so easy to make one flipbook, but you should put more attention to the effectiveness of the software. As for me, the excellent should be like the following sayings.


Firstly, it should be free or at least economical. Only in this way can everyone afford the software. Secondly, it should be so easy-to-use. This requirement ensures most of the people would not feel difficult about the software operation. Thirdly, it should offer amazing effects. This is the most important requirement. The flipbook should be attractive enough to catch more and more attention from audiences.


Many people would say it strict for one free flipbook maker. However, there is one which exactly meets all the above requirements. That is Mobissue, the 100% free and professional page flip software allowing you to convert the PDF to flipbook online.



Now, I would like to introduce this online flipbook maker to you.


  1. Free and simple to use

Everyone can sign up for a free account of Mobissue. And sign in begin to learn how to make one flipbook from PDF. Choose “Quick Upload” to add a PDF. Just open the folder and choose one PDF. After that, it is time to complete the information of the flipbook. Book title, keywords, description are the three points for your flipbook so that people would find your flipbook through those contents.


100% Free Page Flip Software -- Convert PDF to Flipbook Online


  1. Templates and scenes

Templates and scenes are the first impression your flipbook gives to audiences. So, it is critically significant to your flipbook. There are four kinds of template for you to choose. Flip – give audiences the real experience of flipping one book. Cool – the cool and dynamic page-turning effect. Normal – the common way to turn a book. Slide – like presentation and the pages would show to you by sliding. There must one appropriate to your flipbook. Besides, talking about the scenes, there are more than 15 kinds of scenes optional for you. The dynamic scene plays the role as the palette to add color to your flipbook.


100% Free Page Flip Software -- Convert PDF to Flipbook Online


  1. Multimedia

Actually, you can add background music for the flipbook online. Choose a song and upload it online. Besides, if you want to add the video, animation, links, flash into the flipbook, you can download its desktop version and try to decorate your flipbook with the powerful animation editor. For example, open the animation editor and click “Video” to insert the local video or online video into your flipbook to give much more detailed information about the theme. In addition, if you want to add animation for the flipbook, the Time Line would help you. Add enter, emphasis, exit effects for the objects and they would play as the animation.


100% Free Page Flip Software -- Convert PDF to Flipbook Online

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