Awesome Magazine Maker to Create Digital Magazine for Christmas Special

Christmas could be deemed as one of the most important festivals to most of the countries. Once Christmastide is coming, festival atmosphere and holiday products are concentrated on the street. Most of the business like fashion, electron, food and more will launch some products of Christmas special. How to make your business or products stand out from the crowd? The secret weapon is the magazine maker, AnyFlip.

How can AnyFlip be the most popular magazine maker?

  1. 100% free: you have no need to pay one coin to download this software and everyone could be its free account users by just signing up an account. Free download, free to use and free to make an amazing digital magazine.
  1. Easy-to-use: one of the reasons why some people do not like to use digital magazine maker is the complex setting and operation of the software. Not including AnyFlip. Even a child is capable of using AnyFlip to make the digital magazine.
  1. Adorable effects: It must give you a unique digital magazine for Christmas special with many decorative contents. What you get is not just one magazine but one artwork.

Followings are the detailed about how to make one digital magazine for Christmas

  1. Importing and converting

Collect and trim some images about your products selling in the Christmastide, or prepare some PDF files about all the seasonal products. During importing, this software provides the setting of adding watermark. It is so wise for a business to add a brand image as the watermark on the pages of the magazine to improve the brand awareness. There are still some settings of importing. If you want to keep the original links from PDF in your magazine, you can tick the option with which saves you considerable time and effort. Page size and quality are all up to your choices. And then just import, the PDF or the images would be automatically converted into digital flipping magazine.


Awesome Magazine Maker to Create Digital Magazine for Christmas Special


  1. Designing and decorating

If you have worried about lacking of designing and technology skills to make digital magazines, you will feel so lucky to meet AnyFlip. It offers free pre-design layout materials for everyone. You can choose one of templates, backgrounds, and scenes suitable for your products and Christmas. Or you know what; you are definitely allowed to customize the background, template, and scenes by yourselves. If you want more, AnyFlip can also meet your needs. Add two videos in your magazine for embellishment. One is to give Christmas wishes to people and the other is to introduce your business or products.  And then, pick one Christmas song to add atmosphere.



  1. Selling and Buying

The most import part of your magazine should sell products on your magazine during the Christmastide. Add E-commerce button to solve this question. And insert buying links or links about the products on the different part of your magazine. With this function, you can run business with one simple magazine.

Awesome Magazine Maker to Create Digital Magazine for Christmas Special


All in all, the flipping magazine made by this software can be easily delivered and shared to everyone. Curious about how does it work? Click this website and learn more.

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