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Metro has become the most common transportation in today’s modern world. Thus, more and more cities release metro newspaper for people. However, only a few of the people would bring the newspaper home or to an office. So much so that, the original purpose to release newspaper spreading information cannot be achieved. Is there any other way to spread information in an effective way.  The answer is yes. Here is one way to let people carry with the newspaper. And it is also environment-friendly.  It is to make one digital metro newspaper. As for the characteristics of metro newspaper itself, the digital one should be a brief one. Thus, here I recommend AnyFlip, the free and professional brochure maker.

Can the digital metro newspaper replace the paper metro newspaper? As for me, I think it is because the digital one is more practical for metro newspaper publishing. Below are my reasons to say so.

  1. Environment-friendly

Printing newspaper cost much of paper and it is quite wasteful while people throw it as soon as finishing reading. But a digital newspaper is different. When you need to read, you just open; when finishing, you can delete it without consuming anything.

  1. Convenient

One of the reasons why people would not like to bring the newspaper home or to office is that they are not so convenient to carry with. However, the digital newspaper can be saved on people’s mobile devices so that they can read it anytime and anywhere without carrying any other stuff.

Therefore, how to make the metro newspaper with the brochure maker, AnyFlip?

  1. PDF to flipping newspaper

Prepare the information as PDF file and then import it into AnyFlip. The PDF would automatically be converted into a digital flipping newspaper. Immediately give you the real experience of flipping the newspaper. While importing, you can customize the watermark with the metro logo to protect the copyright.


  1. Elegant layout and rich media contents
  • As for the metro newspaper, it is so nice to have an elegant layout to approach to readers. The different layout gives a different mood to readers. According to the theme of that day’s news, apply the appropriate templates, background, and scene to match it. In addition, you can customize the flipping newspaper cover by yourself. Give your readers a deep first impression.
  • Multiple media is allowed to add into the newspaper. Texts along with videos are always more attractive. The videos content should be the news happened in recent days. Give the videos strolling texts as the caption. Add one piece of soft music to smooth people’s mind. Besides, you can create a photo gallery for presenting the related images together with the help of Slider.


  1. Deliver by QR code

How to deliver the digital flipping newspaper to each person is a knot to Metro Group. AnyFlip gives a simple solution to this problem. Once the PDF has been converted to the flipping newspaper, you will get one QR code for your digital publication, just print the QR code and put up the paper QR code on the wall so that people can scan it to open your newspaper with the browser on their mobile devices. So easy to deliver the information.


You can visit the official website for more detailed information.

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