Incomparable HTML5 Flipbook Publisher for Self-publishing Gardening Brochure


As one of the amateurs of gardening, besides enjoying gardening and having small talk with like-minded friends, I would also share the gardening experience on my Facebook and Twitter. It is an enjoyable moment to communicate with the people. We can talk about the flower, soil, water, planting environment and all the things about gardening. Recently, I have decided to make some digital publications and share to all of my friends. I begin with a gardening brochure, which is easier than a magazine. For a long time, I try to find some digital brochure making and publishing tools to simplify my way of making a gardening brochure. Finally, I’ve found one HTML5 flipbook publisher, called Mobissue.


Brief introduction of Mobissue

This is the first time I know about Mobissue. I was shocked. It is a buried pearl in the sea of flipbook making and publishing software. It is the simplest HTML5 flipbook making and publishing tool for people like me without any professional designing and technology. Ok, let’s keep on track. How does this amazing flipbook maker help me with the digital gardening brochure?


  1. Wonderful pre-designed templates

I think it is lucky to find out Mobissue. The first thing amazes me is the numerous pre-designed templates. With the help of the pre-designed templates, I have no need to learn the complicated designing skills. What I need to do just pick out one template from the group of Default, Fashion, Technology, Food and Holiday. As for the gardening brochure, I choose one of the templates in Fashion group. Just select and open it in Mobissue. Next, I would begin to modify the content of the template. Change all the contents with mine.


Incomparable HTML5 Flipbook Publisher for Self-publishing Gardening Brochure


  1. Edit and create your own gardening brochure

The second step is to edit and replace the contents. Mobissue offers a powerful animation editor for users. Open the editor, you would find out that you can modify and customize the contents of the template. Now, you can change the cover of the template with the gardening and flowering theme. Then, insert the texts and articles along with related images. In my brochure, I would talk about how to plant one kind of flower and how to maintain it for a good condition.


Incomparable HTML5 Flipbook Publisher for Self-publishing Gardening Brochure


After consideration, I decide to insert the video into my brochure to tell audiences the details of planting flowers. In addition, slideshow function makes me show one photo gallery for my audiences. I usually put the beautiful photos of the flowers I plant or the planting processes. Well, one thing that cannot be forgotten is the beautiful background music. In Mobissue, it is so easy to insert one nice song and set it as the background music for your brochure.


  1. Amazing animation

What Mobissue surprise me the most is its powerful animation effective. All elements you insert into your brochure can add animation effects.  Such as, for an image, I would like to choose the enter effect to make it cool while enter into audiences’ eyes. In addition, I may add emphasis effect for it to in order to keep audiences’ attention on the image and my brochure. Of course, I would add exit effect for the image to give a perfect ending.


Incomparable HTML5 Flipbook Publisher for Self-publishing Gardening Brochure


The above are all my experience of making a gardening brochure. I hope to make myself understood by all of you. Actually, there are much more creating and designing skills you can find on its official website. Visit it if needed.

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