Presentation Maker helps You Get Appreciation from Superiors in the Workplace

How to get appreciation from a superior in the workplace is one of the skills needed to master on job. Besides you need skills for your position and a good EQ, you may need present yourselves in virtue of some useful tools, such as one presentation maker for perfecting your presentation given to your colleagues and superior. An excellent presentation should be the one helps you win admiring eyes from the former and appreciation from the later. Would you firstly think about PowerPoint? Well, I believe that majority of people will say yes. But all the colleagues make their presentation with the PowerPoint, how can you stand out from them? Under this condition, you may need an evaluation of ppt. How about the video presentation? An increasing number of people have tried the presentation maker like Focusky to make a new presentation to replace the one made by PowerPoint.

Why is the presentation made by Foucsky so special?

  1. Similar to PowerPoint in three ways
  • Text and images: just like PowerPoint, you can add texts and images into Focusky. And then begin to decorate them. Add some art word effects for some of the text in order to make them stand out among the sea of letters. Then, use the image editor to embellish your images.
  • Slide-to-slide mode: in Foucsky, the slide-to-slide is one of the transition modes of the presentation.

Presentation Maker helps You Get Appreciation from Superiors in the Workplace

  1. Better than PowerPoint in four ways
  • Stunning transition effects: besides the slide-to-slide mode, you can achieve the stunning spin effects to each frame in the presentation. Use your mouse to turn to frame in any angle and zoom in or out the frame to get more amazing reading experience.
  • Videos and GIF, SWF insert: these three cannot be achieved in PowerPoint but they can be easily inserted in Focusky. Inserting the explanatory video about the keywords would make your audiences more understanding about your theme and plan, so does your superior.

Presentation Maker helps You Get Appreciation from Superiors in the Workplace

  • Graphs: graphs can give a visual representation of your plans. Focusky offers several graphs mode for users. What you need to do is to click to apply the sample and then modify the data to yours. What’s more, how to make the graphs more attractive to an audience? Well, you can seek help to the animation editor in Focusky. Add animation for your graphs to let them move on the canvas.
  • Dynamic roles: as for presentation for business, it is so professional to have the dynamic role to speak for your presentation. Here in Focusky, you are allowed to free use the dynamic roles to speak for your presentation. Three steps to do so. Firstly, prepare the audio and insert into Focusky. Secondly, choose an appropriate role and apply. Thirdly, match the audio with the role.

 Presentation Maker helps You Get Appreciation from Superiors in the Workplace

With the help of Focusky, you can easily create a wonderful video presentation to shock your colleagues and superiors. Give them the deep impression. If you are a lack of experience of making one presentation, you should visit the great examples and demos online.

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